September 14, 2009

Two more from 4HD

If you enjoyed the HD broadcast of the final X-Men movie last night on 4HD (not a good film but it did look pretty spectacular in high def), then you may want to set the V+ for two more treats showing in HD on the channel in the next week or so: Jaimie's American Road Trip is in HD on Tuesdays at 9pm, whilst they're repeating the much-talked about Red Riding next weekend, starting on Saturday at 10.15pm. (btw, the three episodes were shot in different formats - 1974 in Super16mm; 1980 in 35mm; 1983 in RED One Digital Cinema Camera, shot in 4K (4096x2048 12bit) so don't expect the PQ to be consistent across the series.)
Disappointingly, the Saturday evening showing of Lord of the Rings part one isn't listed as being in HD :o(


BikeNutt said...

Possibly LOTR not in HD as it could affect forthcoming Blu-ray sales.

Gavin said...

Considering they've shown it in HD before there's no reason for them not to show it in HD again. After all it's just telling their playout server to point at a piece of content that they already have stored from last time.

At completley the other end of the cinematic scale though, 3 hours after LOTR finishes the original film version of Buffy is on in HD!!! That'll make up for it if LOTR isn't in HD right?