September 01, 2009

50mb broadband for VIP customers

Don't always report on the broadband service (other sites are a better source for broadband info) but thought I'd mention that for VIP customers the 50mb XXL broadband is now just £8 extra per month (plus a £50 one-off install cost). New 802.11n modem, too.


mstodge said...

Thanks for posting this, how do you know if your a VIP customer or not?


Warren Hawkins said...

out of interest, which are the better sites that report on virgin broadband info?

Nialli said...

Your bill should say whether you're a VIP or not. Mine is £86 a month and includes XL TV, the V+ and a second V box, XL broadband and I think XL phone, plus Sky Sports and Movies. (I signed up to VIP when it was first launched and I know others have better deals btw.)
I'd refer to Cable Forum for broadband discussion or Think Broadband

IT_Fan/atic said...

I am also on VIP but when I select "Upgrade your broadband package" on My Account on the Virgin Media website, it actually says it's going to cost an additional £15...which I can afford but the bill payer cannot - which means I will have to pay the bill payer £15 a month if I want the XXL broadband.

Though wether or not I need a 50Mbp/s is debatable. I doubt that the majority of VM customers will be upgrading - who needs the extra speed? Unless of course you plan to illegally download films and programs using torrent programs such as uTorrent. Even then a 20Mbp/s connection is probably enough.

I may be upgrading, I may not. But...I still don't think it's worth it.

Jonathan said...
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Jonathan said...

I upgraded to 50mb and on VIP. The upgrade was £8 more a month!! Bargain! I also managed to get them to waive the connection charges as I was ready to cancel and go to Sky. Whether you need 50 mb or not depends on your circumstances. No fair usage policy, unlimited back up storage and 100 free photos a month. It's fair to say it is worth the extra £8month for a service you cannot get elsewhere yet. Upgrading for me is future proofing my needs to download and it is not fair to say people upgrade just to download illegal content. Have you ever tried downloading? The speeds are much less than what the line is capable of, pathetic. There will soon be viable alternatives which a much easier to access and legal! With P3 and Xbox offering movie, TV and games rentals and Virgin Media to soon offer unlimited music downloads you'll soon see that you'll be using the service to its potential. I also heard that the 50 mb may get a free upgrade to 10 mb uploads speed soon, handy for Skype video etc.

Roll on 200 MB!! :)