February 22, 2010

Mad Men goes missing from BBC HD

If, like me, you enjoy your weekly dose of Mad Men on BBC HD, you best be prepared for some disappointment this week. Episode six of the third season is only showing on BBC4 this Wednesday - there's no BBC HD simulcast.
Even more confusing is that according to the Radio Times web site the next episode showing on BBC HD is actually the episode 'The Arrangements' (episode 4), which is on Tuesday March 2nd at 11.20pm, followed by 'The Fog' (episode 5, already shown last Wednesday) which is on at ten past midnight. They then appear to miss episode 6 completely from BBC HD as on Wednesday, March 3rd at 10pm the simulcasts resume with episode 7 'Seven Twenty Three'.
Probably a mistake somewhere along the line - hopefully the Tuesday double-bill will show 5 and 6 on BBC HD rather than 4 and 5.


Fibre User said...

Hi Nialli

Have just started a "Fibre for Britain" blog, have linked to you on my home page! Hope you can stop by some time


Nialli said...

Thanks. Interesting blog you have there - I've added a link on this site to it.

Afront said...

Also what about Damages? That used to be on HD but seems to have gone completely AWOL.

Also the delay in showing Survivors is annoying - t'net is full of "end of series" spoilers...

Nialli said...

Damages is showing Thursday nights at 10pm on BBC HD. Not a simulcast but not too late.