February 06, 2010

No F1 in high definition in 2010

According to the BBC Sports site, there will be no high defnition coverage of the forthcoming F1 season:
We will not be able to provide F1 coverage in high definition this year. The BBC relies on Formula 1 Management (FOM) for the provision of all of its live pictures and as such the broadcasting of high definition pictures is dependent upon whether FOM uses HD cameras or not.


joff81 said...

kind of expected this !!!

it seems Bernie Ecclestone is set in his old penny pinching ways when it comes to the fans. its slightly annouying when NASCAR, DTM, WTCC, Moto GP and the Superbikes are less popular and all get HD broadcasts. BE is all talk and no action when it comes to bringing fans closer to F1 as this would be a good way to start but obviously at the end of it he doesnt care about anyhing but his profit margins.

BikeNutt said...

This sucks!

joff81 said...

just found this artical


it mentions that Bernie insists there is not enough interest to broadcast F1 in HD so he wont do it until the demand is there, also interst from 1 channel is not enough to justify it.