February 01, 2010

Sky 3D - a world first - and the Six Nations this weekend

For those Arsenal fans who thought that the Man U game was too painful to watch, spare a thought for those at The Slug And Lettuce in Islington, one of the pubs showing the game in 3D HD in the much touted "world first". Full review on Techradar.com.
Watching the game in a crowded pub on a 47in screen through sunglasses? Not my idea of fun. I wasn't convinced by Avatar, my first experience of the new 3D technology, and I can't see it appearing any time soon in my front room.
If you're intrigued by the 3D thing, some cinemas are showing some of the forthcoming Six Nations games in 3D HD in the next few weeks. Tickets have sold fast, but I still ain't convinced. Details here.
Matches are broadcasting on BBC HD too this coming weekend:
Saturday, 13:40–16:25 Ireland v Italy
Saturday, 16:35–19:05 England v Wales, followed by 19:05–19:30 Six Nations Forum
Sunday, 14:30-17:30 Scotland v France


LewishamLovely said...
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Erich said...

I'm not sure football was a great showcase to kick off Sky 3D, as the angle most games are viewed from isn't going to offer much depth, almost regardless of how far you push the 3D effect. The passive tech also isn't as effective as the active variety either.

Disillusioned astronomer said...

Actually, I saw Avatar in 3D at the local multiplex in Friday, and was pleasantly surprised how well the 3D worked. I'm not convinced I'd want to watch TV in the same manner, but for a once in a while spectacle I'd go again. Not to see Piranha 3D thought...

Media Boy said...

The BBC's Nick Reynolds has shut down Danielle Nagler's BBC HD Blog.