September 20, 2011

Leaked TiVo October update details

Claimed changes with the October software update:
  • Improved 1080i up scaling so improving the picture quality
  • HDMI connection reliability fixed
  • Info button now provides programme information in guide and mini guide
  • SCART aspect ratio corrected
  • Express Series Link – You can set your series links in a flash
  • Padding – Automatic padding around the start and finish of new recordings and series links (doesn’t change existing series links)
  • Multi-tap text entry – You can now search using the number buttons on your remote, just like texting on your mobile phone
  • More flexible parental control – If you don’t want to be asked for your PIN when you’re playing a recording from My Shows, you can now switch it off!
  • Skippable playlists – Full skipping functionality for Music On Demand playlists will be available
  • Live Events – Great news! You can now buy a live event on your TiVo box
  • BBC iPlayer – Full integration of all the content from the BBC iPlayer is now available in the TV Guide, the Catch Up & On Demand menus and in TiVo Search and Browse
  • PIN access on Apps – You can now control access to Apps and Games
  • YouTube app – The YouTube app has been given a whole new look with more videos than ever and now supports HD quality video
  • TiVo Buddy App – Just after we launch the new code you’ll be able to download this great new tool from the Apple App Store. If you connect your wireless router to the TiVo box with a cable you’ll be able to control many features from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. 
No Red Button?  Apparently the "launch of BBC red button will be in the coming months. Thought that it wouldn't be fair to string you along, as it's not ready just yet"
All sounds legit to me - the phrasing's very Virgin. There's a thread on it on the VM TiVo forum and none of the information is contradicted by VM staff.


streaky_7 said...

Well I love my TiVo but these changes would really push it up a notch! Defo going in the right direction!! Covers a lot of the little gripes so fingers crossed. Thanks Nialli

crooky said...

Can we search for music or artists? I was disappointed to find there is no way to search within music like you could with the v+ box!

hodgie99 said...

I headrd the same yesterday when on a call to virgin media.
The problem with the red button is not down to virgin media, They offered to write the software to run it under license has they wanted it at tivo launch but the bbc said no and it is the bbc that is causing the delay.

Anthony said...

That's more like it! This is great news!

gmcausland said...

Can't wait for it to happen! I hope there will be some other new apps and games too! I love my Tivo box. Way better than V+ (which I hardly ever used).

Moroboshi said...

Hopefully there's behind the scenes stuff in there to speed TIVO up, as mine is so slow now as be painful to use.

Glad we'll be able to get rid of that damn pin entry screen at last though. Being asked for a pin for a show recorded at 7pm is lunacy.

kenneth said...

so this update is for october i been way for 2 weeks so i like too keep updated with what going on with the tivo boxs .

HarryWatt said...

only issue i have with tivo box, is the out of sync on some shows on itv1 hd channel, the live shows on x factor especially, looks like they are mimming, maybe they are, other than that well happy with it!