April 22, 2013

21 new channels added to Virgin TV Anywhere

Virgin Media Press Release:

 Extra Sky channels, Nickelodeon, Channel 4 and more join line-up
Total streaming channels on Virgin TV Anywhere increased to 66

Virgin Media has added 21 new live channels to Virgin TV Anywhere, the cloud-based entertainment service available exclusively to Virgin TV customers.

Virgin Media’s subscribers will be able to stream the new array of channels – including channels from BSkyB, Channel 4, Discovery Networks, NBCUniversal, Turner Broadcasting and Viacom International Media Networks – on devices beyond the TV such as computers, tablets and smartphones at no extra cost. The new channels join the collection of entertainment, news, documentaries, music and even premium sport and movies channels already available on Virgin TV Anywhere.

The introduction of Channel 4 to the service makes shows including One Born Every Minute and The Mimic accessible on the go, while the range of Discovery channels offers everything from Dark Matters to Breaking Magic.

Meanwhile, SyFy’s Defiance and Lost Girl aim to satisfy those cravings for a fantasy drama fix and pre-school channel Cartoonito will help keep the kids entertained with a whole host of fun and educational shows including Lazy Town and Bananas in Pyjamas.

Scott Kewley, Virgin Media’s multiscreen product director, said: “We know our customers love being able to watch whatever they want at a time that suits them, and by adding 21 live channels to Virgin TV Anywhere at no extra cost we’re also enabling them to watch their favourite shows wherever they want too. Whether our customers are looking for something to keep the kids happy, an enthralling drama or a cutting-edge documentary, the new line-up on Virgin TV Anywhere really does have something for everyone.”

In addition to the new channels now available on Virgin TV Anywhere, Discovery Networks’ TLC channel will join the line up on 30th April, bringing a host of UK and US reality entertainment shows to the service that will really get people talking.

Virgin TV customers can access Virgin TV Anywhere through the web or, if they have Virgin Media TiVo®, through a mobile and tablet app. The online service is available to all Virgin TV customers, with extra features for TiVo users to manage their boxes through a range of exclusive tools such as remote record and managing ‘My Shows’.

The mobile and tablet app is available on iOS devices such as the iPad and will be coming to Android devices later this year. The app offers the ability to manage TiVo boxes including scheduling recordings and deleting shows. It also acts as a touch/gesture-based remote control when at home which means viewers can search for whatever they want using a full QWERTY keyboard and without taking over the big screen. They can flick any live TV show or recording straight to the TV and even immediately start watching something On Demand from any point without the need to fast-forward or rewind.

For further information on Virgin TV Anywhere, head to virginmedia.com/discovertvanywhere.

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BK said...

here's a list of live channels you can watch on the ipad app...

...sky sports is still missing. any news?