April 18, 2013

Animal Planet HD arriving April 30th (confirmed by VM)

Virgin's own listings are showing Animal Planet HD as coming soon on channel 217. No official word yet on the rumoured Universal HD, and Sky Atlantic, even in SD, remains the most notable absentee from the channel line up.


Neil Gillibrand said...

Not linked to this post but I just had a response from Virgin about the android TiVo companion app, and I'm not a happy bunny:

"We're sorry to inform you that right now, the TiVo Android companion
application  channel you're looking for isn't part of our line up, and
it doesn't look like we've got any plans to add it just yet either."

Nialli said...

Incorrect info from Customer Services by the sound of things. Over on the Virgin Media TV Anywhere forum Virgin's Kierin Aris says "It's incorrect, unfortunately. We are actively working on an Android application to be released this year. Unfortunately I do not have any specific dates yet, but there definitely is an Android application coming soon for TV Anywhere."

Neil Gillibrand said...

Cheers for this. Arse and elbow comes to mind!