April 08, 2013

Sky and BT fall out over sports ad campaign

BSkyB has refused to air a multimillion-pound TV advertising campaign booked by BT to promote its Premier League and other sports coverage.
BSkyB has refused to air BT's ad campaign – which as well as football was to highlight other sports it has secured TV rights for including Premiership Rugby, European Cup Rugby and top-flight women's tennis – although it is not clear on what grounds.
Under the broadcasting code TV companies are compelled to air ad campaigns and promotions run booked by rivals.
BT has lodged a complaint with Ofcom on the grounds that BSkyB is showing "undue discrimination" against it by refusing to air the campaign.
"We are happy to take Sky's advertising but they seem afraid of taking ours," says John Petter, managing director of consumer for BT Retail. "It's like a rottweiler running away from a newborn puppy."

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