April 19, 2013

Historical greats: Da Vinci, Hannibal and Raylan Givens

The much-hyped action drama Da Vinci's Demons debuts this evening on Fox HD at 10pm. From the trailers I've seen it doesn't look to be big on the old historical accuracy but may prove to be an entertaining diversion and worth a look.
Also looking interesting is Hannibal, which arrives on Sky Living HD on May 7th at 10pm. It's had strong reviews and looks tasty.
But where's everything else? There are a number of shows I'd expected to return by now but actual dates are thin on the ground still. The following are all promised for "spring" so keep an eye out for Raising Hope, The Americans (on ITV HD), 30 Rock, Supernatural and Cougar Town.
What I find really frustrating though is the treatment of the fantastic Justified by 5. Season four of  the higly acclaimed, Emmy-winning law and disorder drama is still only broadcast in very poor SD in the UK (on 5USA) and to add further insult there is still no start date for season four which concluded in the US a few weeks back. Why? No idea. And why don't they broadcast it in HD on 5 HD? Even less idea. When you look at what else is on the 5 channels it's completely baffling. And they wonder why people resort to "other means" for their viewing.
At least season one has turned up in Virgin's On Demand listings in HD recently, even if the show didn't really hit its stride until the stunning second season.
(And don't get me started on the absence of Breaking Bad on UK channels.)


Kevin Lloyd said...

I entirely share the frustrations about Justified. One of the best imports around. UK TV should also hang its head in shame over Breaking Bad. Quite extraordinary how two of the best programmes in recent years have received such shabby treatment. For BB I had to rely on a friendly tooth fairy with a supernatural ability to provide high quality versions on DVD.

metallicorphan said...

I watched Da Vinci's Demons last night and really enjoyed it,should be a decent replacement for Spartacus

Hannibal looks great as well,unfortunately episode 4 will not be showing in America because of the last few months violence they have had(and the episode is about Children serial killers-as in its the kids doing the killing)

BUT.....it will show overseas,so that's cool

Martine93 said...

Justified is available in HD on Demand 5 , They did the same with Season 4 of Sons Of Anarchy aswell.

Steve Moss said...

Justified is one of the best TV shows of recent years and first 3 seasons are now available on Netflix.