August 13, 2013

New channel numbers for the UKTV HD stable

Watch 125 has moved to 191
Dave 129 is now 194
Alibi 131 moves, oddly, to 200
The stupendous Eden HD jumps from 209 to 210
And Good Food HD is on 262 (from 261)

Can anyone see any logic in these shifts for the entertainment channels? There's a concentration of HD channels in the high 100s (BBC2, ITV2, 3, 4, Syfy and now the UKTV ones) making the whole thing a real buggers' muddle. and why Alibi is now 200 (start of the Documentary range) is very odd.


Jamie Ellis said...

Like Comedy Central HD getting shutted position in favor for its +1 channel and for MTV on 134 around the time MTV HD was launched and MTV was reclassed "Entertainment"

These latest HD channels being put further down the EPG it is a smack in the teeth for HD and do suggest either an HD section is coming or it hoped SD/HD swap may come to box firmware!

The Launch of ITV2-ITV4 HD in the 170s also I consider was positioned wrongly.

With Local TV from November getting 159 (unless you in Grimsby where it shunted way down the EPG but I do expect when the majority "Phase 1" Local TV launch in Q1 2014 (January or February expected) 'Lincolnshire Living' will be promoted!

But Local TV should be on no further down than 117!

MusicLover said...

The UKTV channels are now the M+ pack e.g today i can now watch the channel Watch which previously wasnt part of my package. Dont know how long this is for!

Mark Ramsay said...

other changes are the +1's coming the other way - looks like UKtv have shuffled the pack so betweem 124 and 131 Watch Gold Dave and Alibi SD channels are followed by their +1's with the HD's pushed up into the 190's. This is repeated in the 200's with the +1's sitting next to the original SD channel with HD channels coming after.

Matin said...

BT Sport Channels and ESPN is Now appeared on Virgin TV Anywhere Live channels list.

Nialli said...

I don't see BT Sports but ESPN (and ESPN HD) have been on TV Anywhere on my iPad for a few days I think. But if I attempt to Watch Now I just get the "We've said goodbye to ESPN" splash page.

gking said...

@Nialli they are appearing on the web

No logos yet but mouse over shows BT Sport 1 & 2

Nialli said...

Thanks - I found them, posted, then got your comment! Thanks to Martin too for flagging it.
If you click either square you get a channel listing in very rough n ready HTML.
Neither appearing on the iOS App btw, but ESPN is there still