August 09, 2013

Sky Bravo rumours

Interesting story on mediaguardian that Sky are considering launching a male-orientated channel, possibly with the name Sky Bravo. No doubt the various ne'er-do-wells and gloom merchants who seem to choke up threads on Cable Forum and Digital Spy are already speculating that Virgin Media won't carry it (I don't read those regularly any more - there's only so much I can take of nstokes, dave42 and co) but this paragraph from the Guardian's story is interesting:
It is understood that the launch of the channel is likely to be put on the back burner, in the short term at least, as it has not managed to gain a distribution deal to air in Virgin Media's 4 million-plus households.
Does Sky consider carriage on Virgin Media as essential? The suggestion would be that it's at least a major consideration for the mighty Sky. So whither Sky Atlantic on VM? I've heard no more...but I'm still hopeful.

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denyo1977 said...

I am the same. I used to look at the cableforum every day. But now I just can't take it anymore, so many pages of absolutely nothing in the coming soon thread.