August 01, 2013

BT Sports update - August 1st

Earlier this week, it was reported that the companies were in negotiations over a carriage deal, enabling Virgin Media customers to access BT Sport via their TiVo box.

However, with the subscription sport service set to launch today BT has moved to clarify the situation.

"Following the large number of enquiries from Virgin Media customers and press speculation, we can confirm that we have not agreed a wholesale deal for BT Sport with Virgin Media," the service provider said.

BT said it is open to an agreement "at the right price", noting that talks continue over a potential deal.


mike hogan 63 said...

Come on Virgin get your fingers out and do a deal with BT sports quickly we need it on our tvs Even if we have to pay

nick horton said...

Na I won't be paying. Pay enough as it is. Should be free on XL package just as espn was

howardmicks said...

If you are unhappy about ESPN being removed from the XL pacjage, and you are in contract term, you should be able to cancel your TV service without too much of a problem.

There are 2 sections in the terms and conditions which cover this very scenario.

Section B - f

"Some parts of the services (for example, television channels that form part of our television services and other content on, or accessible via, our television services) are supplied by other organisations. As a result, due to matters outside our reasonable control or for commercial or contractual reasons, we may change, cancel or postpone all or any component part(s) of the services without notice, but we will give you reasonable notice of any withdrawals and changes where it is possible to do so. You will be entitled to end this agreement if the changes are significant, as described in paragraph J3."

Section J - 3b

"If we and/or Virgin Media Payments make significant changes to the services so the services you are entitled to receive in return for the charges you pay are significantly altered or reduced you may cancel those services affected without penalty by giving us and/or Virgin Media Payments (as applicable) at least 30 days' notice. Such notice must be given within 30 days of the increase in charges or changes to the services or this agreement being notified to you."

The loss of ESPN, ESPN HD, ESPN America, ESPN Classic, ESPN on demand and access to the ESPN channels via Virgin anywhere are very significant changes to your package. It's not your fault that the channels have been removed during your contract term. You didn't ask for the channels to be removed. You didn't agree to the channels being removed. The service without ESPN is not what you signed a contract for!

Remember about 7 years ago when the SKY basic channels where removed, Virgin allowed people to cancel their contracts using very similar terms and conditions.

Remember however if you have a package for TV, phone and broadband you will only be able to cancel the TV part of your package.

gking said...

I was on the phone to VM retentions about renewing my sky sports and sorting out my price.

The guy reckoned that a deal will be done but they are holding out to see if BT crack first closer to the prem starting.

The fact the BT paid over the odds for the football works in VM favour I think.

Matthew Hyndman said...

BT Sport is projected to lose 300 million per year.

It's only gained 21 thousand paying subscribers (the other 500,000 thousand announced are being given BT sports for free due to be broadband providers).

David said...

UPC Ireland agree deal for bt sports same owners as VM

nick said...

UPC also seems to have History HD, Sky News HD and Sky Sports News HD, all of which I'd love to see on VM.

howardmicks said...

Clearly we need the UPC negotiating team as vm's are useless

topoff said...

Just got my sports magazine from Virgin Media called Get more out of sport. I am thankful to them for the sports calendar at the back which shows me what I'm able to watch now that ESPN has gone.
As I can't afford Sky Sports I've got athletics, world cup football qualifiers and cycling to look forward to in August, the same in September plus triathlon!
Wow thank you Virgin Media...I won't miss the baseball, UFC, premier football, x games or college football at all now.