July 30, 2013

BT Sport set to strike Virgin Media carriage deal

Broadcast is reporting that Virgin Media is poised to close a deal to carry BT Sport's three sports channels on its cable TV platform, making them available to a further 4m potential customers. No further word on Sky Atlantic: I'd expect the BT Sports deal to be conculded first. More details at http://mediaboyblog.blogspot.com/2013/07/broadcast-bt-sport-set-to-strike-virgin.html


howardmicks said...

Wishfull thinking I am afraid and as for sky Atlantic that was never happening (at the moment anyway) and today I receive a response about why we ain't got universal hd

Hi Howard
We are always looking to improve our services to all of our viewers across all platforms, Virgin Media included, and are in on-going conversations with them. Like all businesses, however, these decisions and discussions are based on commercial factors and currently we have not been able to form a deal with Virgin for an HD version of Universal Channel. It’s great to know you would like to see an HD version of the channel on Virgin. Please do write to them also and let them know!
Best wishes
Universal Channel

So clearly it new company same bullshit,in talks

Unknown said...

Just saw a message hidden away on TiVo that they are dropping the ESPN channels from tomorrow(!) so I hope the BT Sport ones are replacements, otherwise Virgin just lost a big selling point over Sky.

Unknown said...

Oh btw, more info on ESPN's closure at:


Mike Bridges said...

Sky kicks VM's arse when it comes to HD programming. I love HD. A lot of the documentary channels with Sky have the HD platform as well. VM, with fibre optic cable, has something like 2 HD doc channels. I honestly can't see how a company that uses fibre optic cable let's a satellite company beat them on that platform.

David said...
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David said...

sky have billion to play to outbid anyone VM have billions of debt no one can compete with sky in uk they have a near monopoly sadly

David said...

BT Sport ‏@BTSport 30s
@garceg BT Sport won't be available on Virgin Media. Espn will begin under BT tomorrow night.

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mike hogan 63 said...

I think that we should have the BT Package Hd of our vm TiVo boxes

Andy said...

From the Evening Standard -

BT Sport still has no Virgin deal in place

BT was today forced to admit that it still has not done a deal with pay-TV giant Virgin Media to carry its new BT Sport channels, which begin broadcasting tomorrow.

The fact that BT has been unable to agree terms is a major blow to the telecoms giant as Virgin has almost 4 million pay-TV customers. “We are open to doing it at the right price and talks continue,” said BT.


howardmicks said...

What I would like to know is what they are doing with the money they are saving from not paying espn,we certainly ain't seeing anything out of it clearly making then interest.flaming yanks are not only ruining our football clubs there ruining are chance to watch live prem footy aswell


Seeing NO ESPN on my tv tonight is actually really heartbreaking. I am a HUGE lover and follower of MLB Baseball(Boston Red Sox) and i LOVE College Football and UFC when the season is on. The rumours about SKY Atlantic seem to be misleading us and the fact that Virgin has now lost all my American Sports content AS WELL as the main ESPN channel is unnerving. I am aware that the American Sports will be broadcast on the ESPN channel but that is of NO use to me if Virgin can not carry it. I dont even care about the BT Sports channels, we never had them in the first place, im bothered that something we DID have has been snatched and placed on SKY and BT!. They better sort this...

Melinda jon said...

News and Sports TV platform doing fantastic job.