July 12, 2013

More on those BT Sport Premiership matches

According to mediaguardian.co.uk:
BT said "we have only used five of our top picks, which means that BT Sport will have another 13 throughout the remainder of the season, so our viewers have many more excellent Premier League games to come."
"In the first 13 Premier League rounds until December, we will show the biggest clubs at least twice including Tottenham taking on serious title contenders in both matches, against Manchester United and Chelsea." BT only has fourth pick of the live matches on 20 rounds of the fixture list but first pick on the other 18, making it the first broadcaster to be able to challenge Sky's claim always to show the biggest clashes.
In all, Sky will show 116 live matches having agreed to pay £2.3bn over three seasons for the privilege. Sky has 12 "first pick" weekends for the remaining 20 rounds of fixtures, while BT will be left with eight. The new entrant also has a further five "first pick" slots in midweek rounds of fixtures, but they must be used before February.
So I'd expect BT to make a push with the Christmas and New Year fixtures, combined with its coverage of the FA Cup. These include the following clashes that will draw bigger audiences:
Dec 14 - Man City v Arsenal, Spurs v Liverpool
Dec 21 - Arsenal v Chelsea
Dec 26 - Man City v Liverpool
Dec 28 - Chelsea v Liverpool
Jan 1 - Man U v Spurs
Jan 18 - Chelsea v Man U
Not sure Liverpool are going to be a top challenger this season, so take them out of the mix and that's just four top games that BT may go for as a first pick.
I'm surprised they didn't go at least for the Man U v Chelsea fixture on the second Sunday of the season - that's the first big one of the season and to find it on Sky Sports shows that BT may be more aggressive than ESPN with the mighty Sky Sports, but they're still very much playing second fiddle. Still, at least for Virgin Media customers it means we're not really missing that much if we don't have the channels at the start of the season, and if we are to be charged for them, many (myself included) may not bother to sign up until much later in the season.


hakdaddy said...

Pretty silly comment about Liverpool. They are 2nd most watched team on UK TV hence why BT Sport have 3 games in first couple of months to try and push subscriptions. Good to keep your own personal views on a club and try to be neutral when commenting on the business side.

Nialli said...

I didn't know Liverpool were still so highly viewed, but as they were outside the top six last season I'd stand by my comment that they won't be challenging for the top prize next season.
It's a personal blog and that's a personal view. Other views are available, many on more informed sites than this one on football matters!