July 04, 2013

Wimbledon in 3D

The free-to-air 3D coverage will be available to viewers with access to a 3D TV set and to the BBC's HD Red Button channel on Virgin Media (but not Sky).
"We're delighted to provide live 3D coverage as this year's Championships reach a climax," said Kim Shillinglaw, head of BBC 3D. "Major UK sporting events are a big part of our trials with 3D content and this allows us to build on our work from previous Wimbledon's and the London 2012 Olympics." Six additional 3D cameras placed around Centre Court will help broadcast the enhanced action from the latter stages of this year's Championships.
The coverage is part of the BBC's two-year trial of producing and distributing 3D content. Wimbledon 3D will be available on the BBC Red Button HD channel on the following platforms

  • Freeview HD (channel 303) 
  • Virgin Media (channel 994) 
  • Freesat (channel 980) 
  • Youview (channel 303) 

Friday, 5 July 1300-2000, Men's semi-finals - 3D Saturday, 6 July 1400-1755 Ladies final - 3D Sunday, 7 July 1400-1800 Men's Final - 3D

Just out of interest, does anyone actually watch 3D TV now?


lee said...

o so what we can still see it on sky
being on football !!

adiboy said...

I watch 3D TV when there is anything to watch. The tennis is brilliant in 3D. You get a different viewpoint, low down behind one of the players. The game is so much faster from there. They do some side on views too of the full width of the court, sort of long and narrow across the middle of the screen. Actually very impressive. Especially as it is free.
The main difficulty for me with 3D material is it is always more expensive than 2D. I suspect if the 3D stuff was cheaper to watch than 2D, we would suddenly find it was not as unpopular as the industry claims.

Glen Hale said...

my wife loves the tennis and will be very happy about this.
we do like to watch 3d content but at the moment is very expensive to buy dvd's or too buy as a pay per view.

i do wish virgin media had a 3d channel like sky do as we have that

Andy Wheeler said...

I was not impressed with the 3D tennis, I would rather have the clearer picture you get from watching it on BBC HD. I find 3D annoying unless watching in a dark room, as it causes flickering of everything around the TV.