July 11, 2013

BT Sports first twelve live games announced

Still no official confirmation regarding the availability of BT Sports on Virgin Media, but football fans won't be missing much if it isn't available to us. Here are the first dozen games on the channel:

Liverpool vs Stoke City Sat 17th August
Fulham vs Arsenal Sat 24th August
Man City vs Hull City Sat 31st August
Man Utd vs Crystal Palace Sat 14th September
Norwich vs Aston Villa Sat 21st September
Tottenham vs Chelsea Sat 28th September
Man City vs Everton Sat 5th October
Newcastle vs Liverpool Sat 19th October
Crystal Palace vs Arsenal Sat 26th October
Newcastle vs Chelsea Sat 2nd November
Everton vs Liverpool Sat 23rd November
Tottenham vs Man Utd Sat 30th November

Aside from the two Spurs home games (against Chelsea and Man U) and the Merseyside derby (not the match it once was) there's previous little there I personally would sign up for. Meanwhile the Sky Sports matches seem to still be the ones worth paying for:


denyo1977 said...

I was thinking the same, not exactly the most interesting games. I thought BT Sports had first pick?

statto007 said...

They do have first pick for a certain number of games but Sky also have a number of games for first pick. It would seem that Sky have 'front-loaded' their schedule with the 'top' games and BT Sport are saving theirs up to use later in the season. Could be a slightly risky strategy for both of them!

Nialli said...

That's correct. See my later post for more details

Braddy77 said...

People keep referring to games and BT Sports, Do they mean Football what about Rugby

Nialli said...

I don't follow rugby or any other sports, so I can't really comment on rugby coverage or fixtures on BT Sport. Sorry.