July 24, 2013

TiVo on-screen ads appearing

Here's an annoying development: ads appearing as part the on-screen graphics on certain stations on TiVo. Not sure how widespread this is (hadn't seen it myself , so thanks to "Mikthemag" for the info and this picture from CBS Reality.
Anyone else seen it? Pretty intrusive graphic - surely it could have been made a wee bit smaller and maybe below the bar?


Dogsbody said...

I don't actually mind ads on free services like Facebook and Google, we all have to make money but I pay for Virgin TV!

sduncb said...

This has been like this for a while now. Started off on recorded programs

Jamie Ellis said...

This is an unwelcoming development - Ads!

VM/Tivo should add an HD/SD toggle switch to the EPG popup that includes Info, AD, Subtiles, Record and 'Audio'

Then Follow Sky with HD swapping using the same number regardless with exception of ITV HD and BBC One HD

When 'Recording' have an prompt 'Record in SD/HD' toggle

Also an Global Device setting:
Prioritise/Replace HD Version over SD.

An 'Radioplayer' App plus the 900+ section and the EMAP Music Channels 330-342 need to do an Viacom/MTV (310-317) tho personally I use the time Viva and 4Music goes off-genre as Channel Off Air and replace it with Part Time EPG numbers outside the 'Music' Genre!