January 15, 2014

Justified season 4 lands on Netflix

Looking for something to watch on Netflix now that you've watched five seasons of Breaking Bad? You could do worse than treat yourself to the first four seasons of the outstanding Justified, as the fourth season has just landed on Netflix in the UK in glorious Super HD (as are the first three). Marvelous.
Hopefully Netflix will also quickly secure season five as some muppet at C5 has decided not to pick it up for UK broadcast. C5 threw it away on the low bit-rate 5USA anyway - thank Boyd that Netflix has it in glorious sparkly vision.
It's also been announced today that season six (2015) will be the last. Can't complain; it has, since about half way through the first season, been one of the finest pieces of TV around that has just improved with every show, but nothing lasts forever. At least it is the show's creators that are calling it a day rather than the money men.

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