January 20, 2014

Virgin Media has a new logo




stuart mckie said...

when will the new logo be on the home page and will it be on the tivo box ? this is a better logo nice and simple xD

Gunslinger said...

Any hidden significance in the disappearance of the Union Jack from the new logo?

Jamie Ellis said...

hidden significance, probably no Significance!

1. Maybe they preparing encase of an 'Yes' Scottish vote
2. (unlikely happening) perhaps odds Liberty Global going to expand on the Virgin Media name! to Ireland or further.

Until now 'UPC' Liberty's preferred European Name! (but the UK probably one of its biggest markets)

NickJ said...

I think in a survey of people not familiar with the logo, they'd guess that the old logo was the new one! I can think this is probably following the latest 'flat UI' design style (think Microsoft, Google etc.)