January 30, 2014

Spotify on TiVo updated

Spotify on Tivo has at last had an update with a search function added. About time too.


Manj75 said...

Still can only be used with premium account. Hope this changes to free with ads like it has with tablet and mobile devices as it will get more usage and I wouldn't mind the ads

Jamie Ellis said...

Still using the outdated policy I see - (Premium Requirement)

Should come with a Free with ads Access model like now with web, mobile and tablet.

You should only have to cough up £9.99 for Premium if you want ad-free.

All these £4.99-£9.99+ monthly services need to review pricing particular if the US model iTunes Adfree is 1 fee (US$ 25) for ad-free charge for the whole year which for less than 3 months of Google Play, Spotify and friends (US/GB 9.99)

Jamie Ellis said...

Google/Google+/Blogger really should allow comment edit.

iTunes Radio US Adfree (US$25.00) (not iTunes Adfree)