March 31, 2014

No Horizon box for Virgin Media customers

At a recent Broadcasting Press Guild event Virgin Media head honcho Tom Mockridge said that the success and continued growth of Virgin Media TiVo meant that Virgin Media wasn’t planning to introduce Liberty Global's Horizon box to Virgin Media customers at any point soon.
Mockridge said: “It’s a bit like saying Virgin Media’s not a brand that Liberty Global uses in other markets. They haven’t turned up here and said ‘we’ll take away the red paint and slap Liberty on everything.’ “The [TiVo] boxes deployed today have been very successful here. The strongest mantra we take is that our customers like it.”
Sensible chap, and hopefully that will quieten the "Horizon on its way" doom merchants on some forum, as should the fact that more than two million of us have TiVo now.


howardmicks said...

Great news,if they had ditched TiVo TV would have been cancelled

Unknown said...

Pity I would have loved the extra functionality of Horizon 4 tuners, lots of apps, all in one box for router and telephone and tv plus no engineer visit to setup if previously installed.