March 21, 2014

Virgin Media boss on Amazon Prime talks

According to The Guardian, Virgin Media has held talks with Amazon about putting its video-on-demand service Prime Instant Video on TiVo and is " certainly open" to the idea, according to Virgin's boss Tom Mockridge.
Speaking at a Broadcasting Press Guild event in London, Mockridge was asked if he had had discussions to carry shows from Prime Instant Video. He replied that, "the honest answer is we have talked to them" and "we are certainly open to it", but " it takes two to tango" and said there is nothing to report currently as Prime is still "working out" their proposition.
He went on to say that Virgin had "no interest at all" in entering the fray over football rights, arguing that the company could secure the rights for its customers  through its relationship with rights holders such as BT, Sky etc.
The full article is available here: The Guardian

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DaBozUK said...

If Amazon Instant and Netflix were both on TiVo, I'd be very happy, but I think Virgin needs to take the subscription on their behalf, otherwise I'll just get the bare minimum TiVo and broadband deal I can get and then rinse those two on demand services, while paying VM very little.

Seems like a long term lose for VM, but a win for the consumer, unless this is actually the start of a planned shift from the broadcast TV mentality, which is a win for everyone.