March 16, 2014

Sky Atlantic

Still no word regarding it turning up on Virgin Media, but I've just noticed that Sky's Now TV is still offering the Entertainment Package (Sky Atlantic et al) for just £4.99 a month. I thought it was an introductory offer but it's still a fiver. For me, that's worth it, especially given the line up this spring.
Anyway, for those craving Sky Atlantic Now TV's On Demand includes all three seasons of Game of Thrones, all six of Mad Men and the much talked about True Detective. I'm impressed and will be signing up again in April for my annual fixes of GoT and Mad Men (there's been little to lure me these last few months).
It's not HD but the SD's good and I've had no picture problems. You can get a NowTV box for £9.99 or LG Smart TVs and XBox owners have it as an App.


1005922 said...

It's that price until 29th May then the introductory offer is supposed to end although they have extended that date once already

David said...

simple fact it not going anyhwhere but sky and now tv

Mr Bacon said...

I'm happy with nowtv at the moment at the current price. I'd probably baulk at the idea if it went up much more given Netflix only costs £6.

Not watched Atlantic yet but managed to finally see the last season of Rescue me.