March 13, 2014

TiVo Netflix updated

Netflix on the TiVo has had an early spring clean and looks slicker and sleaker to my eyes.
UPDATE: some interesting comments from Jaimie below on this


Jamie Ellis said...

They need a easier way to get to 'Search & Menu'. as if you pressed down abit you got to go up until you get get the 'Search & Menu Option again - 'Text' does nowt.

'Search & Menu' is accessed by pressing 'up' once you get to 'Recently Watched by xyz'.

Menu contains: Search, (Netflix) 'Kids', 'Account Info & Sign Out' and 'Exit'.

Personally I would add Netflix Originals as a Netflix Section of equal weight as 'Kids' along with 'Profile Switcher' as additional options. Rebrand 'Account Info & Sign Out' (Gear Icon) as 'Account'

'Profile Switcher' for all Platforms should have the upto 5 customised profiles that can be made along with a 'Guest' option.

Just me, but I think Netflix would be better with if Audio as well as CC (Closed Captions) aka Subtitles having multiple Languages options if the content Netflix are on Netflix CDNs and has is multinational agreements!

Jamie Ellis said...

In Account Info & Sign Out there is a page that has sections that include 'Go Back', 'Member', Network, Device, Check Network, 'Exit Netflix' and Sign Out.

Network and Device has some interesting stats.

Watch 1 Episode:
i.e. 'Play Series 1 Episode 1'. Once it has finished and ultimately time for Episode #2 each episode has explicitly needs to press play to progress. It not auto progress!

Series Playback (playback for 2-3 hours session unaided)
To progress through a series you got to go through a TV Show 'More Episodes'. Once an Episode has completed it be 20 seconds before the next episode starts.
At around 2-3 hours in, Tivo prompt would say 'Are you still watching [programme]?'

This update UI Build: 'release-71-jasper'

tassiekev said...

Rubbish - was watching 'Borgia' today, Auto playback was working but as the next episode started it would jump to two and a half minutes in!! Rewind is as slow as a wet week so you may as well play each episode individually. Found it v-e-r-y slow, hard to read and no alpha listings of your list or available programs. Still better than 'stereo' Lovefilm though.

Rich Solly said...

Sometimes when I have stopped watching a film during play, I like to restart from begining not the resume point. This update has messed this up so now you can only play from resume point. To restart you have to either rewind to begining or fast forard to very end. A real pain when you have a toddler who watches the same film everyday but rarely through to the end. When you put the film back on the next day he wants to watch from start.....but only offers you resume.

tassiekev said...

That's what happened to me - fell asleep during a Borgia episode, couldn't remember where I was up to and had to rewind - very, very slow. Have since discovered that pressing the left arrow key (just under the Home button) will take you back to the menu where you can start again. Don't know if this works for movies but it does for the episodes in a series, hope this keeps your little one happy!

tassiekev said...

Forgot to mention that the 'downdate' now puts a time bar across the screen for the first 10 secs or so of play - this 'benefit' wasn't there before and is bloody annoying. I have Netflix on another device (LG bluray) and this doesn't occur so its a TIVO problem and is turning me right off TIVO.

DaBozUK said...

Kids view hidden in the up menu, and still no profiles support! This isn't a very family friendly version of the Netflix app.

Grant Kirk said...

Not being able to start a movie from the beginning is a complete pain. It should be easy to do. Young children often want to start from the beginning and having to very slowly rewind or fast forward is not good.

Jay Anwar said...

What a waste of time of an app! How about start from the beginning option, useless and so slow, it's like going back in time. Where are the categories, like International!