June 09, 2016

Spotify leaves TiVo

Virgin Media chap Spiderplant has confirmed that the Spotify app on TiVo is no more.
“We’re sorry, the Spotify app is no longer available on Virgin TV. To carry on enjoying your Spotify subscription you can head online to Spotify.com.
If you have your Spotify subscription through Virgin Media you’re still able to enjoy your full Spotify service across any of your other devices.”
It was not a great App (if I called it ‘weak’ I’d be being generous) but it’s another lost service for VM customers that I know people used. Originally it had all kinds of problems and I stopped using it when I found that I had to type in my email and password every single time I used it.
The NowTV box Spotify App is better, and even better are the desktop and mobile applications Apps which you can connect to Bluetooth speakers with.


Jez24 said...

What the .....

I used this on a regular basis and it worked fine, once they had added the search function. Not at all happy. Tivo is increasing becoming a joke. You have to move fast in todays world, to stand still, so moving backwards is really not a good idea at all. I will have another look at Q, this really pi.... me off.

matthew smith said...

although i personally never used it on the tivo, i agree with Jez24 ^ it's yet another service virgin are taking down; we want more applications not less!

Virgin really need to pull their weight and get their next generation tivo/stb released. delay is becoming a nasty habbit for virgin and they're gonna loose more customers to sky...

Nialli said...

The TiVo apps are all horrible. I initially used the Spotify on the TiVo when we got the service free for a while, but quickly fell out of love with it when there were issues with it dropping over Virgin's broadband.
These days I use Spotify Premier all the time on my phone and Mac. Those apps are good and reliable and I connect to my lounge's Denon soundbase via Bluetooth and the Apt-X codec. I occasionally use Spotify on my NowTV box but haven't used the awful TiVo slug of an app for ages.
I still think Spotify is overpriced in the UK, but then the $9.99=£9.99 rip off seems to be the standard music streaming service charge for UK customers :(