November 19, 2007

BBC HD Confirmed

BBC Trust announcement details here

Those excellent Digital Spy guys are reporting the following (here):
The BBC Trust has approved the BBC's proposals for a dedicated HD service.

The BBC HD channel will essentially be a continuation of the test service that has been available on satellite and cable for the last 18 months, although both transmission hours and range of content offered are to significantly increase.

The Trust has also approved the launch of the service on Freeview "as soon as possible", but ruled out immediate proposals to launch a cut-down version of the channel by borrowing overnight capacity from the likes of BBC Four and BBC Parliament. "There was a feeling that the risk of consumer confusion was too great if the interim service was launched," explained the Trust, adding that BBC Parliament "must take precedence over the BBC HD channel if capacity cannot be found for both".

On satellite and cable, BBC HD is expected to transform into a channel broadcasting for nine hours a day - more in the event of sporting or other live coverage - by the end of next year. The Trust has approved a schedule comprising up to 20% of film and sports content and has insisted that showcasing HD content from across the BBC's portfolio should take precedence over aims to simulcast primetime BBC One.

"[BBC HD] will showcase a rich mix of the BBC's programmes from across its channel portfolio in true, native, high definition," said Jana Bennett, director of BBC Vision. "HD is the next generation of television, offering the richest, most intense viewing experience imaginable. BBC HD will embody the range, variety and ambition of our public service broadcasting, which is what audiences value."

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Ricardo said...

Fabulous - now we just need more HD channels!!