November 13, 2007

Virgin quietly adding more HD on demand content

Whisper it quietly, but the HD fairy has been adding more content to the TV Choice On Demand service.
And, as before, they've not added it where you would expect to find it (under "High Definitiion") but only under the "A-Z" listings. Bizarre. Or just incompetent?
Anyhow, let's be grateful that this additional stuff is free to XL customers.
Criminal Minds Season One HD now has episodes 1-4 and 8-15 (don't know what's happened to 5,6 and 7)
There's something called Day Break, episodes 1 & 2
And Season One of Lost is now almost all there: 1-22 are now in HD and free (there were 25 episodes in the first season in case you were wondering).
There may be more - please let me know if you find other stuff hidden away.


dave said...

Dogfights also on ALL A_Z
engineering an empire
Mega movers

Nialli said...

Thanks Dave. I put details of some other content in the A-Z listings in an earlier post, see "New hd content in tv choice on demand" posting from last month

Sacha said...

Lost is now 1-22, although it only shows 1-19 in the summary.

Nialli said...

thanks. I'll edit the original post - they changed it on Wednesday from what I can see.