November 24, 2007

HD on Demand surpasses 100 hours!

At some point in November Virgin Media quietly added more HD content to their On Demand service and tipped over the 100 hours mark. No fanfare, and almost half of it is completely unpromoted, appearing just in the A-Z listing rather than under the 'High Definition' classification. Here's the latest listing of all the HD content I've been able to find.
(n.b. this is a listing for ex-NTL customers: experience suggests ex-Telewest will have pretty much the same but maybe additional stuff)

Free TV

Ant Attack
Desert Lions
Diana - Last Days of a Princess
Hotel Babylon episodes 2 - 8
Planet Earth: episodes 1-5
The Blue Planet: Frozen Seas
The Blue Planet: Coasts
The Blue Planet: Coral Seas
The Blue Planet: Frozen Seas
The Blue Planet: Open Oceans
The Blue Planet: Seasonal Seas
The Blue Planet: The Deep
The Blue Planet: Tidal Seas
The Innocence Project 1-8
Rick Stein and the Japanese Ambassador
Superstorm 1-3

Filmflex HD
(all £4 unless mentioned)
Alpha Dog
Amazing Grace
Apocalypto (£4.50)
Arthur & the Invisibles
The Breed
Hannibal Rising
The Illusionist
The Messengers
The Painted Veil
Until Death
Wild Hogs

Pay TV (99p each)
Brothers & Sisters Season One 21 - 23

"Hidden" HD Programmes
Check under the TV Choice On Demand A-Z listings
Criminal Minds Season One 1 - 22 (exc. 7, 17)
Day Break 1-12
Dog Fight 2 episodes
Engineering an Empire 3 episodes
Grey's Anatomy Season One 1 -2
Lost Season One 1-25
Lost Season Two 1,2,4,5
Mega Movers 3 episodes


Afront said...

Filmflex HD content is a joke - VM make a big thing in their daily full-page newpaper adverts about how much on-demand content they have, but with a paltry 13 of their "over 500!" movies in HD, 2.6% is a laughable commitment.

Also note that the "Hidden HD content" is not available unless you pay for the full supersize-me TV package...

Timmy said...

Either I am going blind, or I cannot see these HD programs. In fact all I can see in HD is Lost Season one. Am I looking in the wrong place, or is it that this hasn't been rolled out yet? How do I get here from the home screen? I am Ex-NTL in RG12 with Virgin VIP Package. Please let me know, as I really would like to watch planet earth in High Def... Thanks.

Nialli said...

I'm ex-NTL, and unless there's something odd going on in Reading, you should find them under TV Choice on Demand's A-Z (option 9). For the one's actually listed under High Definition, go to 6. More on demand, then 2. High Definition, and Free TV. You should find 5 pages there of listings in alphabetical order of BBC stuff, including Planet Earth and Blue Planet.

Timmy said...

Found it! Great. Thanks for your help!

Nialli said...

Enjoy...and if you think Planet Earth looks good, watch Earth: Power of the Planet on the BBC HD channel, Tuesday nights at 9pm - awesome