November 18, 2007

Day Break

The US series Day Break now has twelve episodes in HD, again hidden away in the A-Z listings of TV Choice on Demand (thanks to Carol Steele for spotting this).
Day Break was an ABC series from 2006 starring Taye Diggs that ran for half a season (thirteen in all) before the axe fell, which means we are one short! Haven't seen it myself but you can find more background on it here.
Carol also reports that in ex-Telewest areas a few episodes of Lost Season Two have appeared. They're now showing in ex-NTL too.

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Anonymous said...

Moved up to 12 episodes now (ex TW area). What is most infuriating is they haven't put out the full series - it leaves you in episode 12 wanting to go onto episode 13 (which surely must be the climax)