November 28, 2007

Virgin uncovering its hidden content?

May be old news to some areas, but SE London's TV on Demand menus seem to be being fiddled with. If you go to TV Choice on Demand, there's a new category 9, "More>", which then takes you to two options: "1. High Definition" and "2. A-Z". The only thing in the former is currently Lost season one (all 25 episodes). All the other stuff that's been hidden in the A-Z is still in the A-Z, but hopefully VM are in the process of moving it all under the single category now. And then there's the other HD listings; Free TV (BBC), Filmflex, Music (Gorillaz at the Apollo) and Pay TV (a few episodes of Brothers & Sisters).

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Anonymous said...

Now updated to 20 episodes of Series 2 HD - but completely useless as episodes 20 and 21 are missing.

So the episodes go:-
1, 2, 4, 5->11, 13->19, 22, 23 and then 3

i.e. 12, 20 and 21 are missing and episode 3 is right at the end of the list.


A simple task but they can't even get it right