July 27, 2008

BBC HD goes 24 hour with Olympic coverage

Saturday, August 9th, the first full day of Olympics coverage, boasts almost 24 hours of high definition broadcasts on BBC HD. Kicking off at 1.55am, coverage of the games continues right through the day until 7pm (when regular BBC HD programming takes over). The programme line up then runs through to 1.30am, when presumably the Beijing coverage kicks off again for the Sunday shift. Pretty awesome. How many will watch it through the small hours is debatable, and recording it in HD will soon gobble up what's left of your V+ hard disc, but well done BBC on really going to town with this.


Anonymous said...

my hd cable box is fitted on the same day argentina kick off there olyimpic football im hoping theres full cuverae in hd i wqatched tevez win it single handedly 4 years ago i hope they get god again there team is simply amassing and looks very very stronge my hd tv will have hd chanels to show at last

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