July 28, 2008

Waiting in vain for Lost season 4?

Anyone waiting for Lost season 4 to arrive soon on Virgin's On Demand service may be waiting in vain; I've dug out the original press release on Virgin's deal with Buena Vista and there's only mention of the first three seasons being acquired by Virgin - nothing about subsequent seasons.
The DVDs are released on October 27th (Amazon has the 14-episode box set for £30) or you can download it now on iTunes for £26.46 (not in HD though).


dazza124 said...

oh dear oh dear yet more bad HD news for VM.
I can fully understand why carole steele is making the switch to sky.Its soooo..frustrating.

Nialli said...
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Nialli said...

It's not really news as such. VM never promised season four, I guess most just assumed it would follow on from three. It may happen.

dazza124 said...

I was generalising on the the whole hd lack off scenario and this is yet something else to add to it.