July 25, 2008

New to BBC HD - Lost Land of the Jaguar

For me, the best programming in high definition is not always the stuff I would automatically set the V+ for. I'm not big on nature programmes, but the advent of high definition has really opened my eyes (I guess literally eye popping) to some great TV.
Following on from The Power of The Planet, Galapagos and Wild China comes Lost Land of the Jaguar, starting on BBC HD next Thursday at 8pm. It's about an expedition to the jungles of Guyana, featuring an international team of explorers, scientists and film makers discovering the plants and animals that inhabit the spectacular landscape of Guyana. From the trailer (currently showing on BBC HD and online here) it looks absolutely awesome. Time to be blown away again, methinks.


Anonymous said...

this isn't currently showing up on my EPG for then, I have something called Francescos Mediterranean voyage. The Jaguar programme seems only to be on BBC 1.

Rob said...

found it! It's on Thursday, the day after the BBC 1 showing.

Dazz285 said...


Seems like VM are still bashing away at the BB side of things..
Shame as I feel that if they added more HD channels they could compete better against Sky..

Anonymous said...

Just 6 more days now before I an cancel and switch to Sky. I'm just fed up with the lies and broken promises.

I just wonder if I might be entitled to some money back - I signed up for the VIP package on promises of more HD - and we have no ended up with a fraction of what was available on VOD HD and no further forward on linear channels.

Nialli said...

My mistake in saying it was on Wednesday - I've amended the original post. Sorry