July 11, 2008

TV Choice on Demand - new content

Nialli's out of town for the next few days, so please add Comments on this post if you spot any new TV Choice On Demand high definition programming in your region during my absence. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

One new item arrived this morning down here in the SW - Baghdad War

Anonymous said...

Turns out that this program is about the ER teams working in Iraq - and is pretty gruesome - so much so that I was only able to watch it for 15 mins.

It's all very well for these politicians who send young men out to fight for their over inflated egos (the politicians views - that overworn phrase 'fighting for ones country' should only apply if ones country has been invaded).

It certainly makes you think that instead of sitting in their plush homes and offices, guarded by umpteen security officers, any politician who wants to wage war in another country should be made to serve as an ordinary soldier in that war and for the duration of that war. If they were made to risk their lives in the pursuit of their political ambitions, perhaps we would see a little more peace around the world.

Apologies to Nialli for using his blog as a soap box, but this program really made me angry (perhaps that is what it was designed to do??).

Lucio said...


Click the above link for bad news on HD content on Virgin Media

Lucio said...


virgin1 said...

This isnt anything new, Virgin stated some time ago that HD and even their TV platform is not a high priority for them, Virgin's plan in the ,ong term is IPTV, and the best way to launch that is over the new DOCSIS 3 hardware they are fitting.

Once 50mb has started to roll nationally, and when Virgin merge their three headends into one, then we will start to see some major moving in the TV sector.

Until then, if you want HD, then Sky is the way to go.

If you want OD, the cool V+, single billing, faster broadband etc... then VM is the place to be. (In our unbiased opinion)