July 29, 2008

Spooks in HD

Season six of the Beeb's excellent Spooks was disappointingly shown only in standard definition last year. But I've just noticed that Spooks is on the BBC HD schedules on Sunday 10 August at 11pm. I don't know what season this is, but it's good to see one of Auntie's finest finally becoming available in high definition.
Further good news: the BBC3 spin off, [Spooks] Code 9 is coming to BBC HD in August, too. The trailer and first ten minutes of episode one can be found here.
The fact that it's on BBC3 suggests a more teen-focussed storyline; Torchwood has shown the BBC can do spin offs successfully, but it doesn't always work. Should be one worth trying though.


dazza124 said...

wow great!!!
Even its a repeat i'll be watching it in glorious HD (hopefully DD5.1)
I give the spin off a go aswell as like you say auntie usually does a good job.


Seperate to this is there anyway of adding sound info to the bbc programmes i.e DD5.1, dolby 2.0.
I would be a fantastic addition to an already informative blog.

Nialli said...

If I could find it I'd include it, but none of the listings sources I've seen include it. Sorry.

Nialli said...

Strangely enough, I think the BBC HD episode is from season three or four. The cast list is:
Olga Sosnovska,David Oyelowo,Peter Firth,Nicola Walker,Shauna Macdonald,Rupert Penry-Jones

Anonymous said...

Sky list the programmes in 5.1 on their EPG (only seven days in advance, though)
Perhaps you could ask a friend with Sky what BBC HD programmes are showing with the "DD" appendage on Sky?

dazza124 said...

I know it a small issue but it would be handy to know what playing in DD 5.1.Afterall HD is not just about the video but great audio aswell.I think i mentioned this elsewher most probably on inside virginmedia.

8bm said...

I'll just point you in the direction of www.facespook.co.uk, its a interactive trailer we've been working on with the BBC. Basically you just upload your picture and using a bit o' facemapping technology, you can star in the trailer. And at the end of the day, isn't that what we all want?