February 06, 2009

Apple TV adds HD television series

If you want more HD TV but don't want to sign up to Sky HD, Apple's on demand service via iTunes and the Apple TV box is starting to look like an attractive option. Details on its TV series programming here.
(Click the Apple TV link for more information on Apple TV)


Anonymous said...

I have an Apple TV and love it especially for films! and if you have an ameican Itunes card its even better!!

GIzmo said...

Problem could the price as the article says

Alot of cash for HD series, BUT still a good idea, just still need to justify to cost of HD over SD as a SD program is just s down scaled HD source !

Afront said...

Would be good to see a comparison of the cost, range, and "newness" of (legal) on-demand HD content in the UK. On-demand is Virgin's unique selling point compared with Sky, but how well does it fair against other HD-content providers? Others I can think of include:

Apple TV, Xbox Marketplace, BT Vision, perhaps Lovefilm Bluray rental.

Nialli said...

Good idea, but as I don't have any of the alternative services I'm not really in a place to comment. If someone else has one of these and would like to make a post on this blog, please email me at the Nialli email address. Thanks

Maestromarv said...

BluRay on Lovefilm would be good IF THEY EVER SENT YOU ANY!

I have 120 films in my queue, 8 of which are DVD but they keep taking them from my low priority list rather than send me BR discs. They aren't showing as all "long wait", only a handfull are.

Perhaps this will improve as they build up BluRay stocks, but by then they may do a NETFLIX and charge a pound extra for the priveledge of 1080p.

Nialli said...

I subscribed to LoveFilm for six months a while back. I found that, no matter how old the DVDs I requested, I rarely got anything I'd prioritised. The final straw was when I'd ordered a programme that was split over two discs, received the first but the second never appeared and we were left hanging. We also found that "Extras" DVDs were being sent as a choice, even though we'd only wanted the film.
I think the service doesn't deliver as promised which is why we cancelled. Filmflex is solid and reliable in my experience - just needs more HD from more studios. Apple HD is overpriced but an interesting option. Don't know anything about the XBox service.

Afront said...

Here's a brief comparison of UK on-demand HD movie providers, comparing Virgin Media with Xbox LIVE Marketplace, BT Vision, and Sky Anytime.

Conclusion: get an Xbox ;)