February 14, 2009

BBC HD this week

BBC HD has the Wales v England Six Nations match on this Saturday at 5.15pm. The other highlights of our single HD channel's weekend are Jeremy Paxman's The Victorians on Sunday evening at 9pm and the second series of the US import Damages, which kicks off at 10.20pm.
Monday evening has the intriguing Richard Hammond's Engineering Connections at 8pm whilst Tuesday boast Horizon at 9pm and the second episode of the new season of Mad Men at 10pm.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned the return of the 2nd series of 'Damages'. Episode 1 was screened last night and I just happened to spot it in time to view it.

Nialli said...

I mentioned Damages in the post but didn't focus on it. Sorry. Personally I found the first series petered out a bit - started great, but by the end I felt it ran out of steam. I watched it last night but won't be back for the next episode - just didn't grip me.