February 03, 2009

Six Nations in HD - full schedule

The full schedule for the Six Nations matches being shown live on BBC HD is

February 7th: England v Italy
February 8th: Scotland v Wales
February 14th: Wales v England
February 28th: Scotland v Italy
March 14th: Scotland v Ireland
March 15th: England v France
March 21st: England v Scotland, followed by Wales v Ireland

As with last year, only matches played at British grounds are being broadcast.


dazza124 said...

all good news for me as arugby fan but a shame its only games played on blighty..i was hoping for more this year

the_gaffer said...

Whatever the issues with VM and BBC HD it's a great boost to have top games like these in HD.

I believe that the issue with the games outside of Britain being in SD is more to do with the BBC not being the host broadcaster of those games..

Presumably HD feed is not used by broadcasters in France, Italy and Ireland

Anonymous said...

trust me canalsports in france is in hd and ireland and italy they all should be in hd

BikeNutt said...

Could be down to cost?

Danielle Nagler has indicated that cost has prevented a number of HD broadcasts being picked up.