February 01, 2009

New High Definition On Demand Added

After over a year of inactivity, there's some new HD programming nestling amongst the Planet Earth, Blue Planet, Hotel Babylon et al of "More Choice on Demand". Uploaded this weekend is the full first season of Torchwood, three episodes of Tiger: Spy in Jungle and all five episodes of the excellent lace bonnet fest Cranford. It would be a wee bit more exciting if BBC HD didn't show Torchwood or Tiger repeats so frequently, but at least it's something new-ish.
There have also been a number of series added to TV Choice on Demand's HD section, but to my eyes these are actually SD programmes mis-categorised. Deep Space Nine isn't in high definition, and I don't think the other material added there today is either.
(Thanks to Doug for the tip on new content)

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joffa81 said...

Andromada and Minutes from disaster are listed as HD but dont look like it actually is.