August 27, 2009

3D TV - who cares?

Sky has announced that in 2010 it will launch a 3D channel. This week's episode of Chuck on Virgin1 was in 3D. Every summer release at the cinema seems to be boast a premium-priced 3D version. Does anyone care? Is this destined to die like previous 3D fads or is this the real deal? I've put up a poll so vote now or feel free to comment on this post.


ChrisD said...

Does it involve red/blue coloured glasses? If so it is a bit of a waste of time IMO. You can't watch anything for more than 20 minutes without feeling ill with those!

I've also seen the Philips 3D TVs that worked without glasses but they weren't that impressive and the resolution was very poor.

The only decent 3D I have seen is either in the cinema using polarised glasses or on a PC using LCD shuttered ones. Both of which are fairly impractical for TV.

lee said...

Ou est le poll?

Nialli said...


dnh said...

I would like the chance to expierience 3dtv but if it is with the coloured glasses then forget it, I am almost blind in 1 eye so those glasses just dont work, Ive never tried the polarised ones so i dont know if they would work. If somewhere down the line they brought out 3dtvs with good quality and no need for glasses then i would buy 1 but in the meantime im happy with just hdtv

Craig said...

What the point people that are blind in 1 eye put on the coloured glasses will only get a 2D image. So there is no point waste of money if you ask me.

BikeNutt said...

It's a fad. Manufacturers/Content suppliers seeking new ways to sell us AV equipment all over again. Just like HD really ;)

And, yes, Stereoscopic vision is required to see in "3D".

OLU said...

what about people who cant see well ?
but still i like 3D

maybe more if 3D would be in HD cause am in LOVE with HD lol

OLU said...

Sky making next move 3D
and we still dancing around 4 or is 5 HD CHANNEL'S

VIRGIN MEDIA what your NEXT move?
if you dont have none and still sleeping around, by the time your UP
you would have lost US all too sky

Next MOVE is yourS

Martin said...

People with vision in one eye cannot see in 3D in the real world. 2 separate placed visual sources are essential to establish distance.

Martin said...
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tvsersity said...

I believe this is something which is waiting for technology to catch up. Nobody wants to wear silly glasses all the time just to watch their HDTVs, and I gather the current glasses-free versions are less than impressive.

If someone cracks the tech, then it may be something big, but until then it will remain a novelty at best.

stev4n said...

3d from Surfdev, a specialist scanning service performed by a reverse engineer company.