August 03, 2009

VIPs get free V+ box?

Not sure how this applies to existing VIP customers, but Virgin is advertising the Samsung V+ as "free" - . Whether this is for new customers or existing, whether it's definitely a Samsung you'll get or an old SA, no idea, but it may be worth a call.


spunkysimon_uk said...
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spunkysimon_uk said...

do you have any link as to why the Samsung is better than the current one please?



Nialli said...

Try this one

I haven't got one myself (anyone from Virgin who can rectify this situation, please feel free to email me!) but word is pretty positive.

OLU said...

MR Nialli
say we payed full for the old v+box,
are we going get the new one for free? & would have to pay for that again?

we all getting new v+box or only for new people joining virgin media?

stebo said...

Had a replacement V+ box delivered the other day (an SA model) and asked the engineer about the Samsungs. Apparently the Sussex area is still only trialing them for the next few months. He wasn't sure when they were looking to roll them out either.

Waitz said...

Just rang vm and spoke to someone in england. Advised the vm rep that i have been promised a sammy v+ box since april/ may bu thier indian tech call centres and also told him that the vm website is advertising the new sammy
v+. He then went through to a proper manager and got it confirmed that even though they are displaying the new box on thier website, they cannot guarantee availability of tje new box. He apologised for being promised a sammy v+ while they are still in test periods. The full rollout has not yet begun, so dont ring vm in hopes of a sammy v+. I even told them im willing to pay but, there is no way guarantee one.

lee said...

Interesting info, Waitz, thanks for that.

I've contact them with regards to getting one, but also we are on VIP and the site states we should have no monthly fee.

Will update when have reply...