August 13, 2009

Living HD on channel 110

Okay, it's still "coming soon", but they've moved Living to 109 and put a placeholder for Living HD on channel 110. I understand it will launch in around a fortnight.
This will bring Virgin's HD channels to seven (BBC, C4, Nat Geo, FX, MTVN, ESPN plus Living), with word that British Eurosport, History and ITV1 may join the line up before the year is out. Ten HD channels at no extra cost for XL customers is a pretty good deal if you ask me.
What will be interesting will be how much Sky is willing to offer for Living HD - they don't want to have it missing from their lineup (Living is one of the most popular pay TV channels) - but Virgin may demand access to Sky1 HD in return. Now that would be something...

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Anth B said...

On their twitter a response was (regarding the launch of Living HD) Not yet - that's up to our VMTV programming division; expected in Sept. You can be sure it'll launch first on Virgin TV ;). So next month it should launch and maybe History and Eurosport in October/November but we have no confirmation of that - yet. Also it will be a great coup to get Sky1 HD.