August 15, 2009


Just tuned in to ESPN HD for the Everton v Arsenal game and that's one heckuva decent view of the game - compared with the woeful Setanta picture quality of the last few seasons this is fab fab fab. Flicking between ESPN and ESPN HD there's no way I'm going to endure the SD version this season - even if it does appear to be a few seconds ahead of the HD broadcast


BikeNutt said...

I was beginning to think it wouldn't be HD as the pre-game stuff was SD but after the ad break it was clear they had switched to a HD feed. Funny then that the HD logo appeared about 5-10 mins before the actual HD broadcast.

It's a nice picture too. Flicking back and forth between it and the Athletics on BBCHD, I'd say the image is slightly softer but less grainy than the athletics. That could be beacause of the new encoders and drastically reduced bitrate on BBCHD though (9Mbps).

The DD5.1 is disappointing though. Virtually nothing through the surrounds...

Dav1967 said...

Thought for a minute i was being short changed with ESPN HD channel, until I realised I was wathing the SD version.

ESPN HD does not appear though on my EPG, I had to find it in HD channels.

As far as DD5.1, we are finding that the rear speakers are producing subtle crowd sounds.

joff81 said...

did anyone else nothic that the rugby before the match was also in HD ???

if not then you guysd missed a treat wtching wilkinson back in action