August 24, 2009

ESPN - better games than Sky so far!

They may not be the most attractive games on paper, but so far ESPN has had all of the better games I've watched on TV this season, and all in HD, too. First weekend the Everton v Arsenal cracker, then Wigan v United, then arguably the best of the weekend ties with West Ham v Spurs, and now tonight an absolutely cracker of Liverpool v Villa. Not a duff one yet. Chelsea v Burnley's the next up on Saturday at noon then Spurs v Man U on September 12th. Fabulous. And a fabulous picture, too :-)


mattbuk said...

First session I have had Sky Sports and I mainly got it to watch the Man Utd games, its only bloody shown 1 out of 3 games haha

Andy C said...

Was the Wigan vs MUFC live on ESPN ?

This match was a Saturday 3pm kick-off and I didn't think that was 'allowed'. Also I looked in the schedule on Friday night and didn't see it. Or was it 'extended highlights' later ?

Great blog BTW - curious that I get my VM HD info from here rather than any official Virgin Media channel.

mattbuk said...

It was not on ESPN, itt was on Sky Sports, but had to go to the pub to watch it, as it was foreign sky sports.

Sky didn't have the rights to broadcast it in the UK lol

awol said...

All we need is ITV HD, for the Champs League, England, FA Cup and World Cup games. Any news on this?

I will be so happy once we get this! Won't even need Sky Sports!

Nialli said...

My mistake on the Wigan v ManU game - sorry.