May 28, 2010

Avatar and Alice in HD

Two new arrivals on FilmFlex HD in the first week of June:
Alice in Wonderland from 4th June, and Avatar from 7th June
Interesting how short the window between DVD/Blu Ray and Filmflex releases is becoming, with Sherlock Holmes (unfortunately not HD) and Alice appearing simultaneously on disc and on demand.


JonnyH said...

Dispite the dreadfull script and plot, Avatar was a decent watch on BluRay. I also enjoyed Sherlock Holmes, but at times was difficult to tell if was "HD" or not, especially the dialogue scenes. Anything CGI'ish and shot infront of a blue screen looked pretty cool.

LewishamLovely said...

surely the only way filmflex etc can compete with DVD is to start offering a variety of packages per month, including an unlimited package similar to lovefilm.