May 04, 2010

Virgin increases Marketing budget to promote HD services

Good news: Virgin is to boost its marketing spend by 30% this year, to focus on advertising HD TV services and high-speed broadband. Why's this good news? Well, they must be planning to add further services to be able to justify this. Mind you, Virgin Media's annual marketing budget (c£170m) is still dwarfed by Sky's annual £1 billion on advertising.
source: MediaGuardian


selfred said...

Sky's near £1 billion marketing budget includes not only advertising but the total cost of supplying and installing HD set top boxes plus everything in between including those dodgy backstreet salesmen that sell Sky+ out the back of a car.

The UK's number-one advertiser in 2009 was Procter & Gamble with an adspend of £179m.

Anonymous said...

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