May 14, 2010

US import HD series status (updated)

The major US networks are renewing and cancelling with gay abandon. As the majority of our high def entertainment, here are some of the HD series we get and their destiny for the 2010/11 season:

C4 / E4 HD
Brothers & Sisters: Renewed. 
Desperate Housewives: Renewed
Scrubs: Officially cancelled.
Ugly Betty: Already cancelled.
The Big Bang Theory: Already renewed.
The Good Wife: Already renewed.
Glee: Already renewed.
Smallville: Officially renewed.

Cougar Town: Already renewed.
NCIS: Renewed
American Dad: Already renewed.

Living HD
Grey’s Anatomy: Officially renewed
Criminal Minds: Renewed
CSI: Renewed
CSI: Miami: Renewed
CSI: NY: Probably renewed
Ghost Whisperer: Cancelled

Syfy HD
V: Officially renewed.
Dollhouse: Already cancelled.

Heroes: Cancelled
And a couple of popular (but not popular enough) SD series on their way out
FlashForward: Officially cancelled.
 24: Cancelled

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BK said...

renewals to Gossip Girl, 90210, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, and America’s Next Top Model

Dazz285 said...

NBC confirms 'Heroes' axe

Moroboshi said...

More importantly, has Mad Men been re-newed? I guess BBC have dropped it, despite it being the best drama in the past decade or so

Nialli said...

Mad Men is shown on the premium AMC network in the US: season four starts in July in the US and will be shown on BBC4 and BBC HD early in 2011. Season three of True Blood, an HBO series, also debuts in the US this summer. I don't think we will see it here on FX HD though until season two has been shown of Channel 4.