May 20, 2010

Sky Sports HD on Virgin Media in July?

I've heard from a VM insider that they intend to launch Sky Sports HD channels on cable in July in time for the new Premiership season. He didn't know how they would be sold nor if other current Sky HD exclusives would be part of  the deal (Sky movies, Sky1 HD, etc).
Post-OFCOM they have to be made available - I guess it now is down to what the two companies determine as a "reasonable" price.


Krankor said...

Can't wait!
It's the icing on the cake (charge or no charge).

Nialli said...

Media Boy's heard similar according to his blog, too

Dennis said...

Hip Hip Hooray!

This is what I've been waiting to hear since I've had V+ HD.

Thanks Nialli for keeping us informed.

Square eyes said...

Don't know about the movies & Sky1, but have heard that VM will be launching Sports HD before the start of the football season.

Also there has been no mention of if these will be charged, I cant see there being a charge, if rumours are to be believed - Sky could be dropping the £10 charge for the HD service. If this is the case VM would be fools to charge.

VM staff have been briefed about the sports HD via their own intra-net site, but as I said no launch date.

Andrew Nixon said...

Virgin will be getting its first HD cricket matches this weekend - ESPN are showing the New Zealand v Sri Lanka matches in Florida live and in HD.

Dennis said...

3D Ready!!!

I have just purchased The Times newspaper and on page 10 there is a full page advert promoting 'Free V+ HD' with a symbol on the front of the set top box indicating 3D Ready. Could someone explain please.

Adam said...

I have just emailed Virgin about Sky Sports HD on Virgin and they said that Sky Sports HD 1 AND 2 is coming with talks with Sky about carrying Sky 1 HD on Virgin As well.
"Thanks for your e-mail to Virgin
Media about getting the HD channels.
We are keen to help you.
We are in talks with Sky to get the Sky sports and Sky 1 in HD."