May 25, 2010

Updated: NGTV rollout complete

Pretty much everyone now has Next Gen TV. The three remaining headends (Belfast, Londonderry and Haringey) serve a fair amount of North London (Camden, Enfield, Hackney, Islington, Dalston and Haringey) and the two big Northern Ireland regions, but it's pretty much all done. On schedule if not a little ahead of the original timetable, so well done VM - now for more high def channels, starting with STV (in time for the World Cup) and Film4.
UPDATE: All competed this week.


OLU said...

Dose any one know when NORTH LONDON/CENTRAL LONDON would get syfy HD & E4 HD

cause am yet to see idea on my V+HD
i believe it was said we get it middle of may and its 26 may now

Can any one update me with this?
Thanks people.

Dazz285 said...

I'm in North West London, Harrow, and mines been upgraded.
Hope this helps?

OLU said...

Dazz285 cause of what you said i check mine this morning and Notice been upgraded over NIGHT


Media Boy said...

All three Headends has today gone NGTV.